Alkaline plant based diet aqiyl aniys pdf

By | November 11, 2020

alkaline plant based diet aqiyl aniys pdf

These plants have chemical affinities with the body and support the reversal of disease and the healthy expression of the African genome. Gut and Cell Cleanser The digestive tract is a major area for the proliferation of various diseases. If you were combining herbs and each one used the same dosage, then determining the dose for the combined herbs would be pretty straightforward. My plant-based diet which is comprised of mostly whole foods has bumped my life up to version 2. Electrolytes are compounds that become ions and take on either a positive or a negative charge when they interact with water in the body. It is better to consume fresh fruits and not canned fruits, which are processed and can contain cancer-causing additives and preservatives. Within the life span of a person, the body is constantly working to replace old cells with new cells by replicating cells.

Kristiansen, and L. When people consume plants and their phytonutrients, their bodies are able to use the organic compounds to bolster the immune system. The plant life that grew in Africa grew within the same environmental conditions as the Africa body. Diets centered on the consumption of meat, along with environmental conditions, likely led to the mutation of the African genome over hundreds of thousands of years and to the development of the Neanderthal and Denisovan genomes, which have markers for various diseases.

Hiller and G. Toker et al. Not recommended for women who are pregnant. By Al Barone. We were once in tune with these natural patterns, however, blind consumerism encourages us to mindlessly disregard synergy and pillage our land for the sake of profit. Origin: Central America General commercial dose: One mg capsule General dosage: One capsule two times daily Medical caution: sensitiva has shown antifertility properties in laboratory settings using rats. For example, the phytonutrients in kale are associated with lower risk of colon cancer in the middle and right side of the body, while apples are associated with lower risk of colon cancer in the lower left side of the body. Basically, acidic and toxin-laden foods continuously attack the body, cause a prolonged inflammatory reaction, and lead to chronic inflammation.

Guaco contains around 10 percent coumarin, which has blood-thinning properties. Annema, J. Bangladesh Pharmacol. Faith and Justice are African American children who represent the best in people. McNaughton, B. This is what happens in nature, without the blender. Ninomiya, H. I left contribo out of this herbal combination because of its toxicity.

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