Donating blood on keto diet

By | March 8, 2021

donating blood on keto diet

Welcome to our Australian Low Carb Forums. Join us for free support, information and recipes to help you with your low carb diet. We’re a friendly bunch so please register and join in the fray, but most of all have fun! If you like us please share and spread the love! I dont think it would be an issue, but i completely forgot i have to give blood in an hour, and i am in Ketosis.. Nothing to worry about?? Ill tell the nurse anyway Cheers, Matt. Hmm no idea Gizmo.

Donating blood is an incredible community service but many people on a Keto diet are unsure if they can donate. Can you donate blood on Keto? You can donate blood when you are on a ketogenic diet. You need to take your own Keto friendly snacks and drinks so you can avoid the sugary carbs they normally offer you after donating blood! There are some things to think about before you donate, including what to eat or not eat. If you are virus-free and have no contagious diseases and you meet the age, height and weight requirements, you are eligible to give blood. Even people with chronic health conditions like diabetes and heart disease can donate! I wrote to the Red Cross and asked specifically if a ketogenic diet and being in ketosis is safe and appropriate for a blood donor. When you go to give blood, they will first take your pulse, temperature and blood pressure.

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