How to lower cholesterol through diet

By | April 12, 2021

how to lower cholesterol through diet

Mayo Clinic does not endorse any of the third party products and services advertised. When you eat beta glucan, it forms a gel which binds to cholesterol-rich bile acids in the intestines. Or use a vegetable oil spray. The key dietary components are plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains instead of highly refined ones, and protein mostly from plants. Omega-3 and fish oil supplements are available. Request Appointment. For a healthy, balanced eating plan: Choose whole grains. You can get creative by sneaking kale, spinach or arugula into your next meal.

Your body needs some cholesterol to work properly. But if you have too much in your blood, it can stick to the walls of your arteries and narrow or even block them. This puts you at risk for coronary artery disease and other heart diseases. Cholesterol travels through the blood on proteins called lipoproteins. One type, LDL, is sometimes called the “bad” cholesterol. A high LDL level leads to a buildup of cholesterol in your arteries. Another type, HDL, is sometimes called the “good” cholesterol. It carries cholesterol from other parts of your body back to your liver.

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Eat chicken and turkey rather than duck and goose, which are higher in fat. Harvard Heart Letter. These fruits are rich in pectin, a type of soluble fiber that lowers LDL. Hypothyroidism: Should I take iodine supplements? As a rule of thumb, steer clear of highly processed foods, even if they are lower in fat content. When it comes to cheeses used in recipes, you can substitute low-fat, low-sodium cottage cheese, part-skim milk mozzarella or ricotta cheese, and other low-fat, low-sodium cheeses with little or no change in consistency. Some dishes, like puddings, may result in a softer set. That includes all the sodium you eat, whether it was added in cooking or at the table, or already present in food products. Nuts Nuts are good sources of unsaturated fats and lower in saturated fats, a mix which can help to keep your cholesterol in check. Of course, shifting to a cholesterol-lowering diet takes more attention than popping a daily statin.

Snack on air-popped popcorn or pretzels — but keep track of the calories. For many recipes, use the specified amount of puree instead of oil. Adding 2 grams of sterol to your diet every day can lower your LDL cholesterol by 5 to 15 percent.

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