How to plan a rotation diet

By | September 18, 2020

how to plan a rotation diet

Before I knew what I know now and was being told that I should be following a rotation diet along with all of my other restrictions to heal my gut, I was skeptical. How do you even practically do it? How strict do you have to be? Rotation diets alone do not heal your gut or heal food intolerances. Man is meant to eat with the seasons. We are not designed to eat avocado every single day, because nature does not allow for it. In nature or even years ago we ate what was local and available. Different foods come with different nutrients and we need variety for vibrancy! Our ancestors ate hundreds of food a year… we eat a small handful and have maybe 20 in our weekly rotation, if that. Have you ever gotten a food intolerance test. I have.

The Rotation Diet is designed to raise metabolism by alternating low and moderate caloric intake for faster weight loss. As a result of the rotation of foods and amount of calories allowed, the Rotation Diet is less demanding and easier to stick with than other low calorie diets that test one’s will power to the max, contributing to weight loss failure. The Rotation Diet consists of all foods with a focus on fruits and vegetables. As with any diet, some medical conditions, such as diabetes, may make the Rotation Diet less than ideal. Those with any health concerns should consult a doctor before beginning this diet plan. These meals are a balance of low-fat protein, complex carbohydrates and fiber. During the first three days on the Rotation Diet, according to Martin Katahn, author of “The Rotation Diet,” a person should not exceed calories per day. Meals consist of a breakfast of half a grapefruit with a slice of whole wheat bread and cheese. Another breakfast combo is half a banana and approximately 1 cup of high fiber cereal with skim milk or a slice of whole wheat bread with peanut butter served with an apple.

The ImuPro Concept focuses on the idea of a rotation diet. Here we have provided examples of a rotation plan to help you plan your ImuPro diet change. Your 4-day rotation plan All the foods you are allowed to eat can be used to create your individual diet in a four-day cycle. If you eat a certain selection of foods on the first day, you should avoid eating these for the next three days. This helps your body to heal from current IgG food allergies while reducing the possibility of forming new ones. It also ensures that you get all the vitamins and minerals you would expect from a varied diet. Note: A good way to monitor your new diet in addition to keeping the rotation food diary is to weigh yourself every day at the same time under the same conditions. An increase in body weight of approximately 1 kg or more overnight is a significant indicator of an inflammatory process. In this case you probably unknowingly ate a possible trigger food. Speak with us today AU:

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