Ketogenic diet post surgery brain

By | August 16, 2020

ketogenic diet post surgery brain

There is currently no clinical evidence to show that a ketogenic diet can cure or control any type of tumour. If you do want to try the ketogenic diet, it’s important you do your research first and speak to your doctor or dietitian. Ketogenic diets are very low carbohydrate diets, usually with restricted protein, but with very high levels of fat. People following a ketogenic need to be carefully monitored by a dietitian at a specialist centre to make sure that the diet is safe, enjoyable to eat and provides all the nutrients you need. The diet was first developed to help treat difficult to control epilepsy, usually in children. This interest mainly stems from the work of American cell biologists and German medical physicists, who recommend ketogenic diets or fasting as a way of curing or controlling tumours. However, controlling and killing tumour cells is complex as they can easily adapt to different conditions. There could be a theoretical benefit to this type of diet. Most of the research in this area is laboratory-based, and looks at cells in a dish or animal models mainly specially bred mice. Research in humans is even more limited and studies tend to look at whether patients can follow the diet – not whether the diet makes a difference to their disease. These studies are often poor quality and include very limited numbers of patients.

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Surgery post ketogenic brain diet

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