Ketosis diet health effects

By | September 18, 2020

ketosis diet health effects

Is a ketogenic diet safe? N Engl J Med. With video visits, you can talk with your doctor and receive the same personalized care, expert answers and a care plan tailored to you. J Nutr. Effects of low-carbohydrate and low-fat diets: a randomized trial. There was a significant decrease in the level of triglycerides, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and glucose, and a significant increase in the level of HDL cholesterol in the patients. Subscribe Now.

Although various studies have examined the short-term effects of a ketogenic diet in reducing weight in obese patients, its long-term effects on various physical and biochemical parameters are not known. The body weight, body mass index, total cholesterol, low density lipoprotein LDL cholesterol, high density lipoprotein HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, fasting blood sugar, urea and creatinine levels were determined before and after the administration of the ketogenic diet. Changes in these parameters were monitored after eight, 16 and 24 weeks of treatment. The level of total cholesterol decreased from week 1 to week HDL cholesterol levels significantly increased, whereas LDL cholesterol levels significantly decreased after treatment. The level of triglycerides decreased significantly following 24 weeks of treatment. The level of blood glucose significantly decreased. The changes in the level of urea and creatinine were not statistically significant.

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Further studies elucidating the molecular mechanisms of a ketogenic diet are in progress in our laboratory. It significantly reduced the body weight and body mass index of the patients. The opposite was true, however, for low-carb dieters who opted for plant-based proteins over meat and dairy. We have many patients who do this very easily over many years. When I came off, but remained low carb, my migraines stayed under control for the most part. We are brazilian, living in Brazil.

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