Mediterranean diet for sexual health

By | August 24, 2020

mediterranean diet for sexual health

Sexuality is a very important part of our human existence, both for purposes of procreation as well as pleasure. Although not a necessity for a healthy life, the loss or diminution of sexual function may result in loss of self-esteem, embarrassment, a sense of isolation and frustration, and even depression. Therefore, for many of us it is vital that we maintain our sexual health. Loss of sexual function further exacerbates progression of sexual dysfunction—the deficiency of genital blood flow that often causes sexual dysfunction produces a state of poor oxygen levels hypoxia in the genital tissues, which induces scarring fibrosis that further compounds the problem. Healthy sexual function for a man involves a satisfactory libido sex drive, the ability to obtain and maintain a rigid erection, and the ability to ejaculate and experience a climax. For a woman, sexual function involves a healthy libido and the ability to become aroused, lubricate adequately, to have sexual intercourse without pain or discomfort, and the ability to achieve an orgasm. Sexual function is a very complex event contingent upon the intact functioning of a number of systems including the endocrine system produces sex hormones, the central and peripheral nervous systems provides the nerve control and the vascular system conducts the blood flow.

In this current perspective we analyzed the role of Mediterranean diet MedDiet in sexual function and particularly in erectile dysfunction ED, according to the latest scientific evidence. We conducted a systematic search of relevant full-length papers identified during the time period from 1 January to the present. Published studies showed that adherence to a MedDiet contributes to preventing ED through an improved lipid and glucose metabolism, increased antioxidant defenses, and increased arginine levels which could raise nitric oxide activity.

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Intelligent nutritional choices are a key component of physical fitness and physical fitness leads to sexual fitness. Why sleeping with the window open can be good for you: Keeping homes well ventilated at night could cut risk Why is it important? As well as olive oil, they found men tended to be protected if their diet also contained about 13 portions of veg a week, six pieces of fruit, three servings of fish and two portions of beans. Erectile dysfunction affects 52 per cent of men aged between 40 and Eating a Mediterranean diet could give men the best chance of maintaining a sex life well into old age, research suggests – and olive oil is the key.

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