Mediterranean diet insulin resistance

By | February 20, 2021

mediterranean diet insulin resistance

Ryan, D. McInerney, D. Owens, P. Collins, A. Johnson, G. Abnormalities in endothelial function may be associated with increased cardiovascular risk in diabetic patients. Diabetes is associated with an increased risk up to fourfold of developing atherosclerosis. Hypercholesterolaemia does not usually explain this increased risk. Recent studies have suggested abnormalities in the vascular wall, and particularly in endothelial function, which may be associated with the increased cardiovascular risk in diabetes.

We aimed to investigate if overweight and obese adults “close” to Mediterranean diet present better insulin, lipids profile and better pressure levels, compared to individuals close to a more Westernized diet. The ATTICA study is a population-based cohort that has randomly enrolled adult men and women, stratified by age — gender, from the greater area of Athens, during — Of them, in this work were have studied participants with excess body weight, meaning overweight BMI: 25— Adherence to Mediterranean diet was assessed through a diet-score that was based on a validated food-frequency questionnaire. Blood pressure was measured and also fasting glucose, insulin and blood lipids. Individuals with excess bodyweight in the highest tertile of diet score, were more insulin sensitive than those in the lowest tertile Multivariate analysis after taking into account several confounders demonstrated that insulin sensitivity, total cholesterol and systolic blood pressure were independently but only modestly correlated with Mediterranean diet in people with excess bodyweight. Adherence to Mediterranean diet is modeslty associated with a better insulin sensitivity, lower levels of total cholesterol and lower levels of systolic blood pressure in overweight and obese subjects. This may suggest that compared to general population, the beneficial effect of this diet in cardiovascular system of excess body weight people is limited. Obesity is expanding worldwide and is an important risk factor associated with coronary heart disease [ 1 ].

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Cicerale S. More Information. Choose foods and beverages without many added sugars. Hypercholesterolaemia does not usually explain this increased risk. Kolluru G. However, in a synergistic cooperation with endothelial cells, smooth muscle cells SMCs perform also essential functions in sustaining vascular homeostasis, so that their reciprocal interactions may represent novel therapeutic targets for anti-atherogenic interventions [ ]. MedDiet Flavonoids for Preventing T2D Dietary flavonoids represent a large and heterogeneous group of polyphenols ubiquitously found in daily consumed fruits and wine, as well as vegetables, nuts, cocoa, tea and grain seeds [ 57 ]. Brown T. Barrea L. Cite Cite M. World Health Organization; Geneva, Switzerland:

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