Paleo diet impact on neurotransmitter

By | March 25, 2021

paleo diet impact on neurotransmitter

In more scientific terms, they are endogenous chemicals that transmit signals across a synapse. Interestingly, during central nervous system development, the role of GABA is switched from an excitatory transmitter to an inhibitory transmitter. Also of note, is that researchers have shown that there is an appropriate dietary GABA level, which will help to reduce blood pressure. Other interesting findings of GABA show that mice exhibited reduced anxiety, when consuming a low protein, high fat diet. Black, green and oolong tea have high concentrations of GABA. GABA is abundant in shrimp, as well. Fermented foods are another good source of GABA, in the diet. Ultimately, a Paleo Diet will leave you feeling not only energetic and positive, but also calm and relaxed. With many mood disorders such as ADHD commonly seen today, drugs are often the only prescription given. But, with a Paleo Diet, rich in healthy fats, good sources of protein, and nutrient-rich carbohydrates, balance is much easier attained and good for all of us! Annu Rev Biochem.

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And the brain also needs a lot of nutrients to do its job properly — a nutritious diet can improve everything from energy levels to brain function as you age. The main point here is that eating Paleo automatically gives you a good diet for brain health, because it hits all the important points without making you think about them or track any specific nutrients. The first way that diet affects your brain is through inflammation. Diet can turn inflammation up or down, and that has a huge effect on mental health. Inflammation is a normal physiological response to injury or stress, but if it does on too long, it can start being a problem. Raising or lowering inflammation has a huge impact on your brain. Inflammation is associated with measurable differences in brain function. Injecting healthy volunteers with an inflammatory substance causes their mood to get worse almost immediately and causes them to feel more socially isolated and depressed. The link between inflammation and brain health may be particularly relevant for women, who are more vulnerable to inflammatory stress and other inflammatory diseases like autoimmune disease. On the flip side, anti-inflammatory drugs can help treat serious psychiatric conditions.

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