Startup using blood to test health and diet

By | July 3, 2020

startup using blood to test health and diet

The hidden treasure lies in the vitamins and minerals, transported by your blood, which play an essential role in thousands of critical processes in our body. What we assess See the science. Blood testing is the gold standard for micronutrient assessment and our at-home collection device makes it as easy as possible to assess your nutrition status with just the push of a button. See how the process works. Order the Baze Nutrient Test Kit to see where your blood levels for 11 essential nutrients stand. If your nutrient levels are already optimal, you’ll get your money back. Order now. Explore our supplements. Explore the Food Guide. On average, between 1st and 2nd nutrient test driven by approximately 3 months of personalized supplementation with Baze.

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Grown up reporting. A re you ready for personalised vitamin subscriptions? A bright yellow Vitl blood test kit dropped through my letterbox recently, with three skin-prickers tucked inconspicuously inside. As per the instructions, I soaked my hands in hot water and waved them about before piercing my fingertips and messily massaging blood droplets into a small test tube. More on that later. In Berlin, a German company called Baze has already developed its own personalised vitamin business and has succeeded in expanding this to the US.

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