Whats a raw food diet

By | September 25, 2020

whats a raw food diet

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Raw foodism, also known as rawism or following a raw food diet, is the dietary practice of eating only or mostly food that is uncooked and unprocessed. Depending on the philosophy, or type of lifestyle and results desired, raw food diets may include a selection of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, eggs, fish, meat, and dairy products. The British Dietetic Association has described raw foodism as a fad diet. Raw food diets are diets composed entirely or mostly of food that is uncooked or that is cooked at low temperatures. Examples of raw animal food diets include the “People’s Primal Potluck”, [8] [9] anopsology otherwise known as “instinctive eating”, and the “Raw Paleolithic Diet” [10] [11] otherwise known as the “raw meat diet”. Aboriginal diets consisted of large quantities of raw meats, organ meats, and berries, including the traditional diet of the Nenets tribe of Siberia and the Inuit people. Raw veganism has rarely been practiced in history, [16] but it became a fad in the 21st century. Typical foods included in raw food diets are fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sprouted grains and legumes. Among raw vegans are subgroups, such as “fruitarians”, “juicearians”, or “sproutarians”. Fruitarians eat primarily or exclusively fruits, berries, seeds, and nuts.

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In this context, it means eating uncooked foods. Raw food is anything that has not been refined, canned or chemically processed, and has not been heated above 48C. I believe we need enzymes for every bodily function; from breathing to walking to digesting food. Our bodies have their own store of enzymes, but we also rely on the enzymes we get from our food. Applying heat specifically above 48C destroys some of the natural enzymes in food, so the body overworks itself by having to produce more of its own enzymes, exhausting its energy. In addition, my acne cleared, and I have stronger hair and nails. Include uncooked veg and greens with your meals, and opt for unprocessed, whole foods wherever possible. My raw diet was conditional; I will eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and grains — but I will not give up my daily bar of chocolate!

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