Whole foods diet versus raw food diet

By | June 29, 2020

whole foods diet versus raw food diet

I know it is incredibly relevant! In fact, I am going to write a piece about it. By writing this article, I do not wish to undermine the efforts put by those folks eating a WFPB diet and the benefits they get from it. There is no clear definition of what constitutes a whole-food, plant-based diet WFPB diet as promoted by websites such nutritionfacts. Let me start by saying that I firmly believe a WFPB diet is a lot healthier than eating a standard vegan or vegetarian diet, and obviously far healthier than the S. D, however, it is much less powerful, exciting, and beneficial than eating a raw food diet. A low fat raw food diet in line with science of Orthopathy, otherwise called Natural Hygiene agrees with the concept of a WFPB diet, but takes it much further. Below are some of the benefits of eating a raw vegan diet as opposed to WFPB. Fruits almost digest itself, which means your body uses less energy to digest and eliminate what it ingests, freeing up much vital energy for other various tasks such as healing and cleansing. As a result, your energy levels skyrocket to unimaginable heights on raw foods, unbeaten by any other diet. The satiety mechanism of the body can be more effective while we eat naturally occurring foods — raw fruits and vegetables, and not artificially prepared meals, such is the case of most cooked food.

It was easy to stay thin and avoid the heart disease and diabetes that plague both sides of my family of origin. But about five years ago, I felt the nudge to go raw. Not percent. But my soul or my cells or something deep inside me pressed me to take this turn as a most-of-the-time thing. I experimented with it for several months and enjoyed it. A cold snap that first spring sent me back to the comfort of hot soup and soy chai lattes. But later, the urge to return to raw came again. The first thing I noticed after making the switch was how happy I felt. My default for contentment had gone up a few notches.

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